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Take Out Those Claws for Wolverine Themed Slots

Wolverine Online Slot by Cryptologic

Wolverine slot is based on one of Marvel’s most popular comic superheroes, originally created in 1974 as a guest star in The Incredible Hulk’s adventures; going on to become a hero in his own right in 1988. This monster has amazing capabilities, allowing him to survive injuries which would otherwise have dealt the death-blow. Neither illnesses; wounds; nor poisons are able to defeat him, and his great capacity for both endurance and trickery is a hallmark of his nature. His subtle senses allow him to survive what would vanquish lesser beings, and his favourite weapons are the six claws he uses as deadly knives against those who dare to challenge him.

Moviegoers will recognise him from the films starring Hugh Jackman that have recently been released, and Wolverine slot allows players to meet him in a totally different capacity, following his endless battles with various evil forces while at the same time enjoying the chance of getting their hands on a real money reward.

General Description for Wolverine Slot by Cryptologic

Wolverine slot by Cryptologic has five reels and 25 paylines, and players are able to try for the progressive Marvel jackpot when they enjoy this game. There are special symbols available, as well as a thematically organised bonus game as well. The amount of the bet per line ranges from between 0.01 and 5, and this means that the highest stake possible is 125 per spin of the reels.

Players are able to receive payouts for two or three symbols lining up alongside one another along their active paylines, depending on which icons are in question. These will need to begin on the left-hand side of the Wolverine slot reels, and the most valuable possible combination is that of five of the wild symbols, which will pay the player out by a multiplication of his or her bet of 3 000.

Symbols in Use for Wolverine Slot

Wolverine slot symbols are all images drawn directly from the minds of Marvel’s comic book creators, all of which are connected in some capacity to the hero himself. Players will be making use of the exemplar; the equipment he puts to use in defeating evil; his iconic claws; and the very footprints he leaves behind him as he cuts swathes through the ranks of his enemies.

There are also special icons in use for Wolverine slot, including the wild, an image of Wolverine. It is able to form combinations, paying out by means of the top indexes both for appearing on its own and in its capacity to take on the role of any required icon, except the scatter, in order to make up a winning combination on behalf of the pokies online player. Should a minimum of three of the wilds appear on the reels, those which do not feature him will respin, allowing the player to boost his bankroll in this manner.

Ironically, the scatter symbol is a good one for the player, but not so positive an image for Wolverine: his arch-enemy, Sabretooth takes up this position. Players will be able to collect winnings for just two of these appearing on their screens, no matter where they happen to land, and this payout is calculated by multiplying the player’s total bet amount with the special index in a range from one to 100.